Kazeki's image
from costume Seth Nightlord
Kazeki hohoho I was supposed to give the evil Seth lookXD;; failed miserably though..

Photo and editing by Pin X3
  • Jasone Perfect! I love your work! 13 years ago
  • Harriet The dress is amazing! And I think you really captured her character, in this photo!^^ 13 years ago
  • Shaman Renji Must be the best Seth I have ever seen 13 years ago
  • fly_aguilera ow my Good! it´s perfect! amazing! uowwwwwwww! 13 years ago
  • Noema O_O wow! GREAT job! 14 years ago
  • Lady Sephiroth absolutely wonderful! ^_^ 15 years ago
  • Kazeki Juni-chan >> thanks! ^^ moon >> LOL seth flashing her legs? XDXD;; 15 years ago
  • Rika Nakamura That's such an awesome costume, I love the detail and such. 16 years ago
  • mOOn wow~~wow~~ so sexy feel XDDD 16 years ago
  • Juni-chan omg , such an awesome cosplay o(>w<)o 16 years ago
  • Kazeki X3 thanks everyone for your comments! appreciate them alot XD 16 years ago
  • x|aoLang i don;t know what words can i use anymore. pretty, beautiful , all these ppl used liao. hmm.... 你很棒 ! 16 years ago
  • Jac'Kee *bows to you~* 16 years ago
  • AppleJax hooooo my god, you look Fantastic~~ I love you~~ 16 years ago
  • bunny chan so pretty~~ must lower your upper eyelids a bit more, to get that ebil look >D *pro at looking evil* XDXD it's okay, you look cute ^__^ 16 years ago
  • kyandi-chan Lovely Seth and very pretty pose! 16 years ago
  • LyddieGal Beautiful costume! I love your hat! 16 years ago
  • Doll-chan Wow! Great! It looks perfect!!! 16 years ago
  • Milky Lovely shot! So vibrant =) 16 years ago
  • ska beam you look absolutely beautiful dear!! ^-^ 16 years ago
  • BlackMarth yeah, you end up looking undeniably cute with that look. Probably lower your eyebrows. Either way, you still look like her. 16 years ago
  • Krishna Such a gorgeous costume!!! You look so much like her!! Even when you don't look evil!! 16 years ago
  • Rynn God everything about this photo is stunning! AMAZING job. 16 years ago
  • manaxmana oh your majesty ~ *bows the Nth time* 16 years ago
  • Kuro-chan so sweet~ XD 16 years ago
  • Inuran Pretty XDDDD 16 years ago
  • piyo2himi You make a wonderful Seth! :D :D~ 16 years ago
  • Assara This is such a wonerful costume =) 16 years ago
  • ycysusan2001 waaa..... nice costume ^^ 16 years ago
  • Terris Oh gosh. Stunningly beautiful. I was floored just seeing the thumbnail-sized pic! I sooo want a print of this! 16 years ago