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from costume Megurine Luka
Yossi The design is based off an illustration by Bazu, which I found on Pixiv, so there's no song or video related to it. When I saw it, I immediately thought it'd make a nice cosplay. I especially liked the 80s-ish design and the decorative seams on the collar and cuffs.
Sewing the dress was a bit tricky - Because it's so tightly fitting, I had to sew very neatly. It also took me some time to figure out the collar, but eventually I did it. I was really proud of the fabric I'd chosen, but when I took a few test shots I realised that the pinstripes were too subtle, so I had to by fabric paint and retrace them. I also couldn't find nice buttons, thus ended up painted some cheap ones - By now I'm quite experienced with painting buttons... orz
Most of the time I thought I looked like roadkilll - what with these vertical stripes on dark grey ground and everything, but apparently people at the con liked the dress.
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