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from costume Abel Nightroad
Sephirayne Taken at AyaRevolution Aug 2009.

This was part of a mini photo shoot with Sonia Leong as Isaak Fernand von Kampfer.

This is based on a chapter that appears in Trinity Blood:Rage Against The Moons Novel. Volume 2, called Silent Noise. In the scene Abel has met up with Sister Noelle unaware that Isaak is sat behind him, watching him. Then they meet when Noelle leaves. Its a nice little moment that Sonia and I were keen to recreate.

This features my Abel Nightroad costume based on the artbook version by Thores Shibamoto. The costume is completely hand made by me from scratch. It has taken over a year (on and off) to finish.

Sadly, my rosary flipped over in this shot. I also look like a train wreck which isn't too bad for Abel XD.

Photo is by Fez

Trinity Blood, Isaak Von Kamper and Abel Nightroad are owned by Sunao Yoshida. Character design by Thores Shibamoto.
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