Avianna's image
from costume Delirium
Avianna Wore Delirium at Dragon*Con, but I found that I forgotten my contacts at home. *Sigh* On the way home I crunched the wig and my big fish on top fell off and shattered, so this may be the last of the photos of Delirium in this wig. Either way Judy did a wonderful job. I got a few more silly pictures of the costume that remind me alot more of Delirium's personality.

Guess this means I have to make another Delirium costume for future Sandman group photos :3

Photo by Judy Stephens, Edited a bit by me
  • junii Wow, very beautiful photo!! You look amazing! 12 years ago
  • prince_izumi wow so beautiful. I like alot 12 years ago
  • Natsumi723 AMAZING!!! 12 years ago