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from costume Scotland (OC)
Nishi A Hetalia-inspired original character of Scotland if you couldn't already tell.

This is based on my friend Noa's OC that she created back in '09. I need to point out that he has nothing to do with the other OC that's been exploding on pixiv (who is all sorts of inaccurate anyway). If you would like to read a bit about Noa's Scotland character, you can go here:

It was my personal choice to do a World War version, to fit with all the other official characters that Himaruya has drawn. It's modeled after the Black Watch, the Royal Highland Regiment, though I did make slight changes.

I also got to use the flag she sent me... from Scotland. :)

(Disclaimer: Not sure if there are any rules for posting unofficial costumes. If there is, let me know.)

Hetalia Day 2010
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