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from costume Mabinogi Incubus
Lanna_Waterdrop "If my eyes fail me, I will still be able to see thee.
If my ears fail me, I will still be able to hear thee.
Even without the legs, I will walk to thee.
Even without the lips, I will sing thy name.
Even with my arms broken to pieces, I will hold on to thee with my warming beating heart.
Even if my heart fails me, my brain will sing thy name.
Even if my brain fails me,
then I may,
Embrace thee with my blood."

Another one of my Incubus Pictures from Anime North 2012! Needs some more attention but V 2.0 will be in the near future.

Me as Incubus from Mabinogi Castle Solo Dungeon. ~Ladies only~ Lol! Jk.

Thank you Kevin chan for the amazing pictures!
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