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from costume Wander / The Wanderer
NiGHTmaren I feel as though I have almost come full circle with this costume. I've had amazing photos taken at locations with beautiful and fitting scenery, a shoot with a friend who did an amazing Mono cosplay, and now this - a shoot with an Agro! I never believed this would ever actually be a possibility, despite the fact that this has been a dream of mine since before even making the costume back in 2008 and finishing in 2009 ; but my friend Cait lives on a farm and happens to own this gorgeous horse named Rahja. We got together and with my friend Alan as the photographer, we made some cosplay magic happen! I want to thank them both for the opportunity, this would not have been possible without them. <3 Cait prepared Rahja for the shoot and watched over us, and Alan took some amazing shots to bring the game to life in photo form. I can't wait to show them all off! I love this shot, it's dynamic and the angle is very interesting. Wander preparing to go into battle against the unknown, determined to save the one he loves most. Against all odds.