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from costume Generic Thief
BisectedBrioche The goggles for my thief cosplay. Made from aluminium sheets (recovered from drinks cans), glue, airfix paint and hope. The lens are just printed and cut out OHP film. The strap is a piece of elastic with a velcro catch.

To be honest, I'm hoping to remake them from something more resiliant (the alumnium I used is barely better than foil).
  • Ion That is a really unique use of materials. I never would have imagined using aluminum pop cans for goggles. You may not be 100% happy but they have a rustic, well-worn look to them. 12 years ago
  • ~H~ Cool! Most people would just modify an existing pair. It's totally impressive that you started from scratch. 12 years ago
  • Red Destiny Nice Goggles! :D you make them yourself? 12 years ago