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Miaka-li Well yeah.. I know it is D'Eon wearing the dress in Ep. 8 (Anime Version yep) but I like Lia more XD Swords, French History (a bit), the dresses.. immediate love with this XD
I'm not completly finished but I lost motivation after some death stares at a convention. Still there is much love to this costume and character though. I'll finish all the details since I'm still not satisfied. I want this to be perfect T_T Oh and I'll try to do the sword too. xD
Photographer is Markus Mildenberg (The-digital-eyes.de) - thank you! More pictures when I finished everything XD
  • Quita You look lovely! I like what you've done so far! 10 years ago
  • YukaiAmarante Nvm the nasty stares! The dress looks good 10 years ago