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from costume Arika Yumemiya
Iloon Taken during the "finals" at the WCS "11, even this picture is a proof I still can't believe I really was there *.*

The costume, is FAR from perfect. Actually I am not satisfied with it at all!
Due circumstances everything had to be rushed within 6! days (making a act and props included, damn, I have been trough HELL T.T NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!), so there was no time for details, finishing touches and trial and error.

Damn... it felt so awful to rush the outfit of one of my most favorite characters and that even for the WCS where everything suppose to be top-notch.
Well.. I can tell you... I and my partner sucked and were afraid to be disqualified for sucking so hard x'D
I hope The Netherlands is still allowed to participate next year >.>

After all, this costume is still one of my favorites so I will remake the entire costume when I will wear it next time. Only the wig passed through my "quality check" x'D

I have no idea who took the picture T.T