Pretty Sammy's image
from costume Hiiragi
Pretty Sammy Photo by Asian School Boy Again!
  • ilikeike Oh my god, how did I miss this at PMX08? Was this on Friday or Sunday? Because I will be devastated to hear that you wore this on Saturday(Sad face). I think this cosplay is truly amazing, The intricacy of the sleeves and the detail of the fans are oh so lovely! And the natural pose is so fitting! I will be looking forward to your future cosplays! 13 years ago
  • Pretty Sammy Yes, Hiiragi does wear nail polish! :D It's an obnoxious pink color!! 13 years ago
  • Sujun ..................ever. ..........I forgot that last part >.> 13 years ago
  • Sujun 0_o, Hiiragi has nail polish?! Or is that just you having funsies? AH you are the best Hiiragi and the only Hiiragi cosplayer!XD 13 years ago