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squ33k t0y I have a bunch more done, I swear xD! It's just I'm waiting to attach the collar when I'm done making everything else to see how much fabric I have left to cover up the interfacing on the inside o.o Annnd I didn't feel like putting on the shirt because it fits so well..it doesn't really want to come off without a fight >.o

Soo yeah :D I foofed up the bangs a bit sense the last picture..and I'm pretty happy with the wig now that I've seen it with some of the other costumee
  • squ33k t0y Thanks everyone! ^^~! @ princemercury1: I'll attempt to see O.O; I may fumble a bit though xDD 14 years ago
  • princemercury1 Nice! ^^ Will you be able to see with the collar in your face like that? 14 years ago
  • CONEJOTO :D nice pic~*° 14 years ago
  • Moe-kun I love the hair!!! 14 years ago