Aramitama's image
Aramitama Ooops... Gutt's sword left there... At least everyone can see how BIG actually was his Dargonslayer.
  • Hooney Amazing, amazing, amazing! You made Guts's sword too? 14 years ago
  • Kapalaka =O............. that's just amazing!!!!! I totally want to cosplay something with armor now. *_* 15 years ago
  • neko_juanito OMFG....... since this day you´re the god of armoring... how did you make such a freaking COOL armor 15 years ago
  • anablackcat That's Totally AMAZing! Your Weapons and Armors Are PERFECT! 15 years ago
  • Atrista Oh wow!!!!!!!! This is probably the most impressive armor I've seen long as I can remember. 15 years ago
  • vampirate That is so freaking cool. It makes my inner Berserk fangirl quite happy. 15 years ago
  • ichigo-chan7 wow.... *speechless* amayzing! 15 years ago
  • Akemet This is wicked!! XD Love it, great job. 15 years ago
  • mirrorsaber Holy crap, that is awesome. 15 years ago
  • itsuki<3pudding Wow. Now -that- is an impressive costume. 15 years ago