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from costume Deidara
bakaforce_blond Oh, the wonderious things you can do with pocky.

Yes, that's Itachi. And yes, he has braces. xD

(First cosplay ever, whoo!)
  • mudpie08 where did you get your wig? It's so pretty! 14 years ago
  • Momo Kimji I luvs! U look so cutes! 14 years ago
  • Rainbow Reject wow, your an amazing Deidara! 14 years ago
  • bakaforce_blond Haha.. Well, I just got a fishnet top and folded the sleeves of it. I wore it under a girls v neck t-shirt that I tied back so it was a bit shorter. ^.^ 15 years ago
  • Loserfreek wow, where did you get those shirts? a bunch of friends and i are doing akatuski for anime boston next year, and that shirt looks amazing. 15 years ago