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from costume Princess Ruto & Lulu
Princess_Zelda Okay, so Lulu is not exactly the MOST threatening character in Majora's Mask, but she can be! Ugh, I need to stop imagining things >_>

Anyway, this costume is a VERY VERY involved costume to get into. Granted, it doesn't take as long as my TP Zelda costume, but it requires help T_T

What's really funny about this costume was that the head was the EASIEST part of the costume, the feet were second. The two most difficult were the fins (cuz I was going with a different meathod and it didn't work out) and the mask (but that's only because I did it wrong the first time >_>). The mask was made off of a mold I did on my face and it's made of latex. The fins (which aren't the final versions of them) are basically fabric, craft foam, and snaps. I'll actually be redoing the fins and finishing up on the hip fins (which aren't pictured >_<) very soon.

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  • Ai no Tsubasa Oh my, you did it! Very good work! 14 years ago
  • khiimera wow! very good job!! 14 years ago
  • Missytetra This is fantastic!!! It's perfect, and you look all fish-like as well (that's a compliment XD)... well done!! I love it 15 years ago
  • Sarinilli I'm in shock. I don't know what to say. :O~ 15 years ago
  • Spirited Cetra ahhhh O_O amazing costume. 16 years ago
  • SheikLockhart wow..amazing. You did a great job on the mask. I like the feet, it must have been hard to walk around in XD 16 years ago
  • Princess_Zelda ^haha! Why thank you! And actually, I already have. PL and I planned out our Zora costumes together; we used the same materials and techniques. We even took like a million pics with each other and there are actually hardly any single photos of us. I'll have to post a few paired pics soon ^_^ 17 years ago
  • RedRidingHood So, so good... I would like to see you up close with this! You should totally team up with pikmin link's Zora costume. lol 17 years ago
  • Heero Masaki Holy Hell that is awesome~!! O_O 17 years ago
  • HaruVamp found you! you know i love that cosplay ^.~!!! meow 17 years ago
  • Tenshi Musouka Absolutely amazing! The best Lulu (or Ruto for that matter) I have ever seen. 17 years ago
  • kyandi-chan Like...omg that is so ROCKING! I've always wanted to see someone do a Lulu cosplay, and you did a great job ^^ 17 years ago
  • simonsaz3 OMG... wow... *speeeeeechless!* =P 17 years ago
  • Patches WOAH! You are a goddess! 17 years ago
  • RikuGurl This was such a pretty and unique costume! The eyes are so perfect < 3 17 years ago
  • Elsch WOW! 17 years ago
  • ursumthinpretty 0mgar this is s0 4w3s0m3 it n33dz l33t typing sk1llz!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Marry me please. &hearts; 17 years ago
  • The-Real-Link That's great!! 17 years ago
  • ZoraLink nice going :P 17 years ago
  • daguru Wow! Is this the first pic of the completed costume? It's incredible! 17 years ago
  • Tsuyosa *Agrees with PL* poke poke 17 years ago
  • PikminLink finally you posted! hehe. you look awesome as always we need to post some together pics now XD 17 years ago
  • otakutre Dear lord that is FANTASTIC. 17 years ago
  • SeishinKibou fish out of water! heheh XD You so have to join a kareoke contest of some sort in this outfit hahahah XD the costume of course, is tops! *claps* =D 17 years ago
  • Gowa-chan I really wish I hadn't seen you and PikMinLink when I was rushing somewhere! I didn't get to take pictures of the amazingness :( 17 years ago
  • rosabella Holy Crap!! That is amazing 0.o 17 years ago
  • Zoroko Pikmin Link goes and does an awesome zora cosplay and then a few days later I see another amazing zora cosplay by you! Just plain awesome!!! 17 years ago
  • Miss Tea HAVE MY BABIES. like, right now. goodness, i love this costume. you never EVER cease to amaze me Jackie!!! &hearts; 17 years ago
  • CelestialAurora Wow! *_* Awesome costume! It's so perfect and well made! 17 years ago
  • Forcebewitya thats AWESOME! you and Pikmin rock for doing minor character cosplay! 17 years ago