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Hasu More Gong-Gil. =D

I'm still so THRILLED with these pics, and harboring heaps of love toward Gong-Gil. Such a sad character....emo cutting clown. XD Now I'm so determined to cosplay him again, possibly even the Yi play version....if I can find enough photos. x_x

So.....for a white person my eyes are pretty acurate. XD I got the least eyelid crease in my family, which works when cosplaying a single-lidder maybe....oh, and you can see the acurate sleeve lining. I looked through SO MANY VIDS to figure out how it was lined and tried SO HARD to do it all perfectly.
  • meepstio you are srsly made of AWESOME Lee Junki cosplay *o* 14 years ago
  • oranjyu i think you walk up rope..>0< the half empty air...huhu.. 14 years ago
  • di7373 ㅠㅠWell, no wounder! It's even hard for Asians!!! I am soo happy to see you doing Korean Manhwa and movie cosplays!!!!*tears* Soooo perfect! 14 years ago
  • inu-chan00 waahh!!! sami did such a good job with this one!!! HOW DO OYU LOOK SO AZN!!?? maybe im just WAYY to white..... i will one day steal those shoes ...mark my words 14 years ago