-Nayami-'s image
from costume Link
-Nayami- Taken at a park in Geneva, IL
  • mirrorsaber Love the details. Especially the embroidery, 10 years ago
  • ~H~ I adore this photo set! You both have beautiful costumes, and the scenery is just perfect ^_^. 10 years ago
  • GracefulNightingale You are so beautiful!!! You make a lovely Zelda! =) 10 years ago
  • +.-.uzuki.-.+ breathtakingly beautiful (*U* 10 years ago
  • TMLiza This looks so serene. Good job. ^_^ 10 years ago
  • FumikoSan This picture is gorgeous! Your cosplays are so nicely made and the location is just perfect! ^^ 10 years ago