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Kula Ayanami lack of creativity for titles.D:
my "shhhhh!" pose, lol, yes, I'm copycatting Brian Molko's photo and Baby Spice..it's an in-joke, Kula actually doesn't make this pose.

I'm a damn copycat, I know!u.ú

You can see my bra strap and my tights... thing (I don't know the word for it!8D). Oh my! . ' But i like this photo, anyway!=D
  • sodenoshirayuki To stalkeando o perujão, a partir de agora você receberá vários comments meus xDDDDD começando agora, foi! Caham, peruja, adoro suas Baby Spicezices. Me chame de Beckham, bjs, DUHFAUDHUSA ZUERA. 14 years ago