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DianA-sama It's official, lol. I processed about 120 yards of fabric in the total dress.
  • Aotenshi you should post a result picture with the black lights /drool, cause that was AWESOME!!!! 13 years ago
  • Supercute Holy woah! 13 years ago
  • Awai_chan Oh that is really cool. I like its based on alchemy. You don't see something like that often 13 years ago
  • Mujitsu OMG awesome! 13 years ago
  • double00beaver Wow! That's insanely big...and awesome! 13 years ago
  • Meli this is so beautiful! it has such a nice dramatic effect! 13 years ago
  • Poke~ OMG!! O_O [2] Just perfect *-* 13 years ago
  • tamarpg OMG!! O_O 13 years ago
  • ley yamaguy this must have been so expensive : x but very beautiful 13 years ago
  • Shizuku great picture and the idea, well done! 13 years ago
  • ASTRIDAOL amazing!! *W* 13 years ago
  • kidkaito OMG you did a real awesome job *__* 13 years ago
  • DianA-sama Thanks~ The story is complicated, but it's basically costumes based on 7 phases of transmutation in alchemy. This phase is seperation. 13 years ago
  • Rynn I would LOVE to hear the story behind this! It's awesome! 13 years ago
  • Su Ying looks fantastik, but what is it supost to be? 13 years ago
  • deshwitat EPIC XD, this is awsome ^^ 13 years ago
  • Hinahase WOW! O_O This just looks so awesome! 13 years ago