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Kai Harn After Anime Dreams my wig became a little bit damaged, so it needt a new coiffure to look like new. I know that this wig is in the wrong colour, but as this costume is my most beautiful one i wanna wear it in a lot of conventions, and after anime conventions my wigs always became more and more damaged and i don´t wanna buy two more wigs, so i will buy a new one just when this one become really ugly.

My other costumes i worn just for one day. Mimiru on Sunday on Anime Dreams 2006 and Jeanne on Sunday on Anime Friends 2005 (i tryed to worn jeanne on saturday on anime friends, i worn it a little bit , but i had to come back to the hotel because i had a lot of problems with that costume including human blood X_X on it (but´s that another history...) . Hina is my sweetie, so i will wear this costume a lot...

This coiffure were made by my mother´s friend who is a HAIRdress. i wanna learn how to do it so i´ll have a lttle bit moore money to do news costumes XDDDDD

my next costume will be another one from rozen maiden: suisei seki. i´m a little bit worried be cause the daughter of my cosmaker is very sick, so now she can´t do my costume and i have a cosplay group in july X_X

one of the most difficult things to brazilians cosplayers it to find a good cosmaker. there are a lot in here, but a lot of they aren´t serious and mot ot they don´t respect term.
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