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Angathol I only wore this costume for the masquerade at Anime North, so I haven't found many photos of myself in it; however, this is by far the sharpest! We did a skit based on a classic Disney movie, and it was a lot of fun. Skit video here:

The costume needs a couple revisions - bloomers, for instance (I wore an extra pair of underwear in matching polka dots on the outside of my tights for the sake of the Prince's modesty lol; good thing too since it showed in most of the stage shots) - and the face could use some fixing since it was the last part to be finished, and it shows (right angles, what are those?). However, I'm really happy with the way our costumes came out overall, and I'm very proud of my partner Merino for making a fantastic King.

Prince made/worn by me; bodysuit patterned by Minakolabelle
King of all Cosmos made/worn by Merino with help from Azureii

Photo by W1N9Zr0 on Flickr.