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KhalDevon Blade of Woe, Skyrim Version.

I made these as last minute props for my Dark Brotherhood costume, they were all made in one afternoon and turned out much better than I expected! The dagger is made entirely out of foam I cut out and sanded down so I could carry it around cons and not be questioned. It has a few Worbla details on the blade and the handle is wrapped in red vinyl. I aged the entire thing with tempera paint and an expo marker! (Awful, I know) I refused to spend any more money on my costume when I was making this so I really just made it out of my scraps.

As for the Dark Brotherhood notes, they were printed on normal copy paper and aged with black tea. They were then baked in an oven for awhile until they were just right.

I'm so excited to bring this with me to the con! I don't recommend using tempera paint or expo markers to age your props... but if it's all you have.... ^_^ Hell, I didn't even use good tea to age the paper!
  • Chergnomebyl Great job, props are just a breeze for you now :D 8 years ago