Liriel's image
Liriel Wolfram's (and Yuuri's ^_^) hat of the winter outfit he wears in later episodes. This is just a trial version for the real thing, so don't mind the wrong colour of the yarn.
  • Liriel @NeikoRae: Actually it's for a friend of mine who does the cosplay. If I ever get around to do a KKM-cosplay I'll probably end up as Gwendal. *g* @Sarasa: Thank you! ^_^ CapsuleCorp: Sure, I'll PM you, n/p. I love talking shop. ^_^ (Why else would I do cosplay panels. *g*) 17 years ago
  • CapsuleCorp Oh dude. You got the shape right. I'm working on one too (well, two - Yuuri must have one also) but I'm having the worst time trying to get the shape of the cap right. Don't suppose you could PM me with some tips on how you did your cap? It looks like garter yay, we're on the same page there. 17 years ago
  • Sarasa KYAAAA!!! WOLFRAM!!!! OMG!! I am sooooo in love with your hat!!! <3333333 I love Wolfram! He is just so cute!! (I like Gwendel the best, but Wolfram is just so cute!!) It is GREAT to see other KKM cosplayers!!! If you are gonna be at Anime Boston look for us! <3 17 years ago
  • NeikoRae Wahahaha!! YEAH!!!!!! ^_^ i never thought some one would do that... YAY!! 17 years ago