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from costume Xaldin
Saeru Given the popularity of the featured 'Reflections' photo, I decided to upload a different image in my gallery that contained the original six apprentices so that something new could be seen.

I've already changed my wig, making this photo out of date despite that it was taken less than a month ago. x-x (I'm the Xaldin, with the black dreads.) I like that it looks like we've just been disturbed in the middle of a meeting...probably one about the OTHER 7 members ("Those kids these days...")

Photo by Elemental
  • IcyWish47 Oh this is very entertaining! I love how it seems everyone's body is the same as the person they are portraying! Very good indeed! I love how Zexion's robe is just the right cut also. Some cosplayers have it to the ground, but this one is perfection! Kudos to all the cosplayers! 12 years ago