from costume Joanna Dark
Miss Shadow Joanna Dark is the protagonist of the Perfect Dark video game released for Nintendo 64 years ago, and it was truly the best FPS of those times, with a very fun multiplayer!
Joanna was considered the answer to Lara Croft, for being a beautiful girl protagonist armed to the teeth, but basically with Tomb Raider she is about as much as a fork in a soup: D
The CG images of Jo' at the time were really beautiful, and I've always wanted to do a faithful cosplay of the character, so I was very attentive to the details!
I made everything in eva foam (armor parts, belts and accessories), while for the costume I modified a blue zentai catsuit and made the underlying body in black leather-like spandex.
I also found the wig identical to her hairstyle, in the right color (usually the short ones are always too puffy, but this one really looks like your real hair!), so I consider it one of my best cosplays and I'm very proud of it!
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