Some time on Wednesday, we will have an update going live with a bunch of new features and fixes, mostly to improve usability on the desktop version. The early changelog is:

  • NEW Notifications for any received likes, follows or comments
  • UPDATED Profiles with better layout, following button
  • NEW Followed Users Page (your old follower lists will also be imported)
  • UPDATED Layout changed to a 3-column layout on desktop
  • NEW Upload images directly from any page on site on desktop
  • NEW Add new costume from any page on site on desktop
  • FIXED Higher contrast font for better readability
  • NEW Favorite/bookmark posts and images

Following this, we will be re-opening user registrations a day later on Thursday.

There is another update coming a few days later, including the return of direct messaging, and importing all of the old bookmarks/favorites (there are over a million to import)

Due to having to import some things, we will be taking the site offline for approximately 10-20 minutes during the update, which should occur sometime in the late afternoon Pacific time. Stay tuned!

Posted 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the hard work in further improving the foundation of the platform. Looking forward to seeing the new features and fixes going live!
Posted 3 weeks ago
We will be updating some time after 9pm Pacific time - the site will be offline for 20 minutes or so during this process. Thank you everyone for your patience.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Update is live. Everyone please let us know if you come across any bugs. We're aware of a couple of layout quirks and are fixing them in the background. Thanks!
Posted 3 weeks ago
One quick note - there isn't a page yet showing your bookmarks/favorites, that will be in the next update this weekend. All of your old favorites will be imported at the same time.
Posted 3 weeks ago
I noticed that the topics section link was removed with this update. Will that be re-added again? Or was it linked together once more with explore?
Posted 3 weeks ago
Will the search engine for the series section be added back in a future update? As having to click next until you come across the series your looking for is slightly off-putting.
Posted 3 weeks ago
I noticed that I can't see who are following me, or anybody else, actually. Will that feature be available in the future?

Also there are a few profiles in my following that were completely deleted. Their profiles are unavailable, so I can't unfollow them :/ Can this be fixed?

And a third question, will there be a section called "Channels" or "Topics", so we can access to the different subforums? Because I can't find them.
Posted 3 weeks ago
@Hikarichild - those are all being re-done as we speak, should have something at least back tonight.

@RydiaValentine - the followers list should now appear on your Following page. Also, the "unavailable" profiles are people who have blank accounts, but it's more to keep those profiles hidden for visitors who aren't logged in. I've turned them back on for everyone who is logged in, so you should be able to view/unfollow them now.

The Channels/Topics situation will be taken care of as mentioned to the previous user - however it's a quick fix at the moment and will be more integrated into the main feed shortly. The gist is that you will be able to filter the feed based on images, text, channels, and followers.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Ok, thanks!
Posted 3 weeks ago
Yeah I also noticed the topic section was gone, and it took me a while to find this thread since it was buried under a ton of image posts. :/ (Can we maybe.... do something about the upload spam??)
Posted 3 weeks ago
Topics section is back. It will be expanded upon shortly.

@Angelx624 - We're working on a solution for the uploads so that it only shows the latest from each user once per day or something similar. It's at the top of the list. 😎
Posted 3 weeks ago
Alright, thanks for the heads up!
Posted 3 weeks ago
Is there a delay between adding a new costume and the cover photo going up? I am trying to add a cover photo to my new costume and it won't let me. Do I just need to be more patient?
Posted 3 weeks ago
@Bluehentrooper - it should be instant - is it blocking you from uploading it? Also, once it's loaded you should still need to click "Submit" for it to upload.

If that's not the case, please send me the image you are trying to upload via email to support AT cosplay, and also let me know in the email what browser / operating system you're using. I'll test it on my end.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Things are looking fantastic, thanks for all of your hard work!! Excited to start using this site again. I’m not sure if this has been addressed yet— will there be functionality that gives you the option to hide your photos/uploads from appearing on the main homepage?
Posted 3 weeks ago
@p0p0p0psico - yep, it's ready to go and part of the fix for the current issue of active users flooding the front page (not their fault of course, it's an issue due to the way it's currently set up).

When uploading, you'll be able to select "do not post to front page" as an option, and then any front page posts are further limited to 2x per day per account, with the rest going to the profile only. Two fixes in one!

It's finished but there are other miscellaneous updates going up at the same time, so figure before the end of the weekend.
Posted 3 weeks ago
It's great to see the site getting improved piece by piece =)
I have some questions/suggestions:
-Will the homepage be divided between the new posts of everyone and the new posts of people we follow?
-is there a way to remove the quick upload sidebar? Plus it seems that we cannot zoom anymore the photos
-For the costume page, I think it would be nice to add the option to view the photo per post, because if we explore a user's photo per costume, we cannot favourite them nor comment them!
Posted 3 weeks ago
@Admin - You all have literally thought of everything. 🤩 Thanks again!! 😊
Posted 3 weeks ago
@Hanoko -

We're still finalizing the design, but the front page will give you the option to filter everything based on everyone/only following, whether you want to see images and/or topics, and by channel. Right now we're working on getting infinite scroll working on it and also optimizing the images better, so that'll come after the current issues are fixed.

As for the quick upload, it's temporary for now and we'll have a better implementation for it soon. More than likely it'll end up going into a modal popup instead of taking over 1/5 of the screen.

And finally, for the costume pages - those are still being figured out design-wise, so we'll definitely have a fix for that shortly! 😎
Posted 3 weeks ago
A quick update - if anyone has any text posts, they're temporarily not showing on the front page feed while we are working on a better way to display them within the images. Won't be long.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted 2 weeks ago
Not sure where to post this feedback, but there's currently a ton of white space below this thread, which if you hit the End key on the page itself and not within the conversation thread it takes you to the end of. Another thread also has this but it's not nearly as much white space.
Posted 2 weeks ago
@Scunosi - thanks for reporting the bug, we're aware of the issue on some pages and have a fix coming shortly. We are doing a larger update to the overall desktop layout to make it more navigable and also to prepare for slotting in additional features, and the issue will go away automatically when that happens.
Posted 2 weeks ago
I have a question that just bugged my mind right now.

Will there be an option to like and answer comments? Could we get comments in the cosplay albums?
Posted 2 weeks ago
@RydiaValentine - yes to all, already most of the way finished with those.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Oh great! Thanks for working so hard on the site.

I was watching super old event photos in a random profile and I remembered there were certain sections about events. We could create an event and upload the photos there.

Will there be an "events" option again?
Posted 1 week ago
I'm having trouble uploading new photos. Is that feature temporarily disabled, or is it something on my end?
Posted 6 days ago
Hey, I have someone on Facebook that wants to contact someone to delete their old profile. What's the best way to do that? (I have no idea why they want to)
Posted 5 days ago
@Slapthefatcat - Have them email us - support AT cosplay dot com, preferably from the email address that they used for it.