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from costume Baiken
mariksgrl Baiken= me
Photo credit to ~ Kiwi_lady ~~Tis love~~
  • Izeekial You are an amazing baiken XD I think the best one I have seen *_* 14 years ago
  • Panda-chan Amazing costume! You're a great Baiken! 16 years ago
  • mariksgrl Kels: o///o *blush* *blush* danka you sexy to ! 16 years ago
  • kels i never knew you did this!! so sexy!!! *fawns* 16 years ago
  • mariksgrl Akane~ Love to you to ~ Dymatrex ~ Yes I r is baiken XD thankie for teh commento Mew_pudding~ X3 *blush**blush* You r is prettay tooo~~~ 16 years ago
  • Mew_Pudding OMg~!!! So pretyyyyyyy~~ Love the Baiken 16 years ago
  • Mikazuki Akane Love love! 16 years ago
  • mariksgrl Kiwi~ Thankies~Hearts~ Athen-chan~ Thank you so much *blushes* 16 years ago
  • athena-chan Oh man your costume is great! You make a great baiken! 16 years ago
  • kiwi_lady u looks pretty and like.. sad like XD;; BEST BAIKEN EVER ok i'll stop being retarded now xD; 16 years ago