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Kula Ayanami Obvious title is obvious!:D

The blue one, a cute linen fabric, is for dress and the white one (I don't remember the name...even I bought it...yesterday...oh my!8D) is for shirt. The game shows a plain fabric shirt...but I really liked this, with little details that you can't see is this photo! . '

And the brooch...it's like... two pixels size in the game, you know?! So, it's a VERY personal touch, I chose a cameo..because...well...I tought about Diana Goddess and this makes some sense...at least, TO ME!lolz
It's a hand-made jewelry, I could't find a ready made, so, I bought the pieces and made it by myself. I know it's pretty simple, but I really like and matches a lot with the clothes.
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