rankin24's image
from costume Rogue
rankin24 Taken @ Youmacon 2011
by the ever-so-amazing LiquidCocaine!
Please check her out! http://liquidcocaine-photos.deviantart.com/
  • Panda Treats I love your wig more than life itself. You make an amazing Rogue! 11 years ago
  • rankin24 Well ain't ya'll a bunch o' sweethearts! ♥ thank ya! 11 years ago
  • smirnoff excellent 11 years ago
  • gypsy_girl Amazing costume. And great attitude. 11 years ago
  • Ammie Woot! You make such a sexy Rogue *___* I wish I had of run into you at Youma! 11 years ago
  • Mierin Wow, you look fantastic. Great costume! 11 years ago