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from costume Flemeth
hmwsg x This was a very very lucky event. I had a disaster of finding no photos of my costume at ACen, and only one really awesome one Mrbob0822 helped photoshop. I was worrying my costume would become totally destroyed before I could get some good photos.
But last week a Morrigan cosplayer messaged me asking if I was interested in getting photos with her at Gencon. I was definitely up for it, and we grabbed up Joanne last minute.

It goes without saying how excited I am to have some photos of Flemeth, this is currently my favorite costume that I plan on wearing. A lot.

The wig is a commission by Score.
Photo and editing by JoanneD. Photography, and I love every single photo she has released!! :3
  • PurePlummet This is absolutely beautiful. Your attention to detail is mind-blowing! And I love your makeup. 12 years ago
  • GennyKAT Can I ask how you made the armour? I am going to retire the armour I have for mine and start it over again...try and make it better and I love the way you have your armour looking :D 12 years ago
  • Xavietta Argh this is so epic! The aged make-up really makes this costume super ^^ 12 years ago
  • Jersey AMAZING! And perfect to boot! 12 years ago
  • Giullare This is beyond beautiful. *A* 12 years ago