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from costume Creamy mami
Yossi This is one of two new cosplays I debuted last week at Dokomi: Creamy Mami from the tv series of the same name.

From the very first beat of the opening song, Creamy Mami had me. I'm such a sucker for retro stuff. So here it is: My cosplay of the mother of magical girls. Compared to some of my other costumes, this one was on the easy side, but I was struggling with the sleeves nonetheless. I'm still not sure whether there's too much fabric or too little, but they don't look and stay up the way I want them to. I'd also like to curse anime girls for having such strange proportions. Looking at the reference I know that my skirt needs to be much shorter, but if I shortened it only a single inch the whole world would see my butt. Not sure if want. I am, however, more than pleased with my wig. It's the first time cutting and styling a wig into a whole different style (it was a slightly mavy wig reaching down to my back when I got it). Considering that and the fact that I had to curling iron I think I can be quite proud.
I also really like my staff, which I also did myself. People who know the series might argue that it'd make more sense if I'd done Creamy Mami's mic (since she's a singer), but here's the catch: I can't sing AT ALL. And because I didn't want to get coerced into singing for pictures I did the wand YĆ» uses to transform into Creamy Mami.