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Tenshi Musouka I know kaliko LOVES kenshin with his hakama-shita torn like this... so i decided to surprise her with a picture! Why are the colours so evil looking? well... i was trying to get rid of the red eye, and i accidently hit the "equalize" button. It made the picture look all evil and cool. So i decided to make it more of a Battousai-ish pic, and leave in the red-eye.

Hope you like it Kaliko! *heart*
  • MEGHANCLAPOINTE oooooohhhh! nice...wicked nice. :) 15 years ago
  • Hikaru Tsukino Awsome! 18 years ago
  • Jaina Solo All I have to say is you don't have to be Kaliko to enjoy this picture. XD 18 years ago
  • kaliko_rosa Awww, it looks great Jay! thanks for the surprise picture! Where did this come from? You decided to dress up today? That's cool!! Is the blood real? It looks so convincing. Well, at least we all know you beat Raijuta's ass. And the editing job looks good, like a movie-poster! My Kenshin deserves more comments... he's the best one out there ^_~. 18 years ago
  • Rei-sama Way too cute!!! XDD Love your costume too :) 18 years ago