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from costume Anji Mito
Omega Corn The most important part of this costume is the bottle of hair glue.
  • Seraphim Starr I make it a goal to come and meet you again and give you a hug for being the sweetest Anji ever! <3! 15 years ago
  • schalke ooohhh.... you're so sexy my anji... i love you so much hahaha!! 16 years ago
  • Shinobi Whoo! Nipples! *Pinches your knee-pulls and runs away giggling maniacly* 18 years ago
  • Omega Corn Thanks! The shoes were pretty ghetto. Painted an old pair of brown sneakers. You can still see the New Balance logo on them. 18 years ago
  • morbid-prince I saw you at Otakon!! XD it was you right? lol has to be, unless u have a twin. Luv your costume!! X3 you look very much like Anji, and you did the shoes too!! that's rare! good job 18 years ago