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from costume Fuu
Evrdream Crap plastic sword. Model Magic. Yarn. Dice earrings. Paint.
My prop making skills are unspecial.
  • Crystalike Amazing! 14 years ago
  • BeforeCrisis This is awesome! Great attention to detail! 16 years ago
  • Touya no miko Awesome! It looks cool! Question: Does Fuu ever used the thing in combat? I've watched some of the anime, but so far all she does is try to sell it. 16 years ago
  • xmissxhellx that is so beautiful!! how on earth did you do that?! it looks so much like the real thing!! any tips?? 17 years ago
  • TwiliteSea Awesome! :D I have a little sword that was for my Fuu, as well, but it was an actual blade(well close to one), so I didn't bother bringing it to a con with me. 17 years ago
  • FusionDemon Awsome I want one sooo bad! 17 years ago
  • Chocochick That's so freakin' cool! I love it XD I really like all the dice and the detail. ~Sara 17 years ago
  • Hinoto that looks teh awesome. 17 years ago