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Your_Rain Alright... so, like the rest of us, I stayed out pretty much all night at Acen and had to crawl back into the room and make a bed out of a scrap pillow, jacket and banana costume... (okay, so maybe I'm not like everyone... ><;)

Does everyone's room get this dirty, or are we just lucky? @[email protected];;
  • dianabunny ^_^ indeed, everyone's room ends up like this at cons!! i imagine a banana cos makes quite a nice makeshift bed... 17 years ago
  • evenstar1 nope everyones room looks like that at a con. hehe we had 11 people in a room made for 2 at katsucon. i still haven't figured out how we fit all of our stuff in there. 17 years ago
  • Brian Keljore Cute... I like when you wake up! 17 years ago