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Tenshi Musouka Okay, this CG came out pretty crappy... It looks very plain and boring... sorry about that everyone. I wasnt planning to post it, but I ended up posting it... because I dont think I will have time to do a new CG before I put up pictures of my new Kira jacket...
well, at least I really love the pose, and how the sword came out in the photos!

In fact... the only thing I dont like... is the CG itself. oh well. Enjoy!
  • Tenshi Musouka thanks for all the comments everyone! Wow, I never expected everyone to like this CG. Thanks ^^x Timaeus - yes. I will be going to Anime North dressed as Kira Yamato (in the spacesuit) from Gundam Seed. Hope to see you there! 18 years ago
  • Timaeus wow...I love your pose!! This picture is really awesome!! ^^ I really like how you put a Kenshin's scar transparent through the middle! Really lovely~~~ lol, you're not bad at this na~~ at least you're better than me!! I can't do digital art~~ XD maybe you could teach me how to do this~~ ^^ Onegaishimasu Tenshi~sama!! lol ^___^ P.S. Ur going to Anime North right? ^__-- 18 years ago
  • kaliko_rosa *jealous in a good way....* Although it's simple it's definitely not a crappy CG Jay. It does exactly what it should do and emphasizes the quality of your costume skill rather than the quality of CG skill, which is far more important right now. Your sword looks amazing in it... but of course, everything about the costume looked amazing in the first place. I see Amanda sent the pictures to you... I was really confused about that because I thought she'd send them to me. Anyway, I'm glad you got them and they went to quite nice use. Awesome hun. 18 years ago
  • Kadza Neon Hey My friend! The CG looks great! And you do such a great job as Kenshin. Keep up the awesome work! Love and Peace! 18 years ago
  • Elsch I really like that CG~ ^^ I like that it's plain and simple~ really well done. <3 The costume is just awesome~~ °-° 18 years ago
  • GoreChick wow, nice ;) 18 years ago
  • LennethXVII it looks so good!you make a very good kenshin!!>w 18 years ago
  • HaruVamp really cool and the cg is awesome! 18 years ago
  • videl_chan uh oh... o_O;; i love your costume! shiney! 18 years ago