Tenshi Musouka's image
Tenshi Musouka This is my revenge for trying to kill Lacus!
We saw someone dressed as the chairman, and we just had to get a picture like this. He did a great job on the costume.
It also shows off my costume, and Kaliko's aswell. All three of us won Anime North Costume Hall Awards for our costumes :)
  • Aiko-Akazuma The way Lacus looks is so funny xD I like your helmet of the battle suit, it looks everything so cool *_* And yeah punch that Dullindal guy XD Very awesome cosplay! 18 years ago
  • Danimation Very nice pilot suit! Its really a rare thing to see someone do such an amazing job on that outfit, I think I've only seen 1 other person have it look good. 18 years ago
  • x|aoLang wow. the pilot suit is so amazing! 18 years ago
  • kaliko_rosa I love it honey *squee* This was such a fun picture to do... good old Dullindal, I can't believe we met one!! lol, that's rare now that i think about it. This picture was a good idea :) 18 years ago
  • heki-chan HEHE cute pic :D You all look the part ^_^ ur helmet rocks so hard 18 years ago