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from costume Sohryu
Liriel On the first day I forgot to put in the hairsticks. Of course we did our major Shikigami photoshooting before I realised that. :(
But even with the missing hairsticks I quite like this shot. Never thought I would look halfway decent in a sideview shot. ^_^
  • Liriel Thank you, kujaeidolon! I *always* forget the hairsticks at first -_- 17 years ago
  • kujaeidolon ^_^ I forgot my hairsticks too at first; my Suzaku had to drag me back to the room to put them in XD You have a lovely costume! 17 years ago
  • Liriel Thank you! (For the rest -> PM) 17 years ago
  • Eleryth Love the wig! I really have to get myself one of those - may I ask where you got it from? I like the textures and colors I can see on your clothing in the photo. 17 years ago