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nekopin is long long time since i make a costume take some time to finish ~
is keiki from from 12 kokuki~^^

must do something with the wig !OMG! look ........gagaga

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Photo: xengk
  • nekopin >mOOn we will share our blood﹗﹗﹗﹗你想幹什麼﹗﹗﹗^^bbb 18 years ago
  • mOOn wahaha~~next all go vf u~~~XDDD!! i love green... trees~kiXX !! we will share our blood... ... 18 years ago
  • nekopin >nightcat82 hahaha~^^// yes !that me ~person wanna rape your bunny ~ >mOOn yap~ i love the pic feel too but ..don't think WILL going that place of any photoshoot! mosquito<--hate it! 18 years ago
  • mOOn oh oh~~ i love this pic... really nice feel~~ 18 years ago
  • nightcat82 canut imagine such nice .......person wanna rape my bunny on CF.... O_O *hdes bunny* neways...PIN-SAN!!!!!!!!!! =3 *hugs your wiggie* 18 years ago
  • nekopin thanks minasan (hug)~ >wig--->this is what the photographer say -->u look strange ..very very strange =O=/// >costume --->love it !! 100% hand sew (die) >location ---> love it ~~but alot of mosquito!ga!!! >>Juu-Sama bunny~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hug +bite 18 years ago
  • Ironekilz Beautiful! And the wig isn't bad at all, actually it has the same feathery quality that Keiki's hair has! 18 years ago
  • Juu-Sama nekooooooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~ *kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss* 18 years ago
  • GoldfishGirl Quite lovely. It's a very striking shot. Great use of color. 18 years ago
  • LadyoftheThread Nice costume and cool shot. ^_^ The wig itself doesn't look too bad. I think it's just the shadows at the hairline that make it look a bit strange. 18 years ago
  • pamu sugoiiiiiii!!!!!! Very nice~ Great location >__<!!! 18 years ago
  • Elsch Wow~ That costume is awesome! °-° I love the fabric and I realyl like how the shot came out~ ^^ Great angle. And don't worry about the wig~ It looks not that bad like you may think~ *hugs* 18 years ago
  • Assara WOW!! That is really a great costume. You look phantastic. 18 years ago