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Mirromaru Yes, I'm still alive, though really really busy with learning for university. In six weeks I've got the second most important examn I'll ever write coming up, which decides if I will be able to continue or not. I can retry 6 months later, but only 3 times all-together, so I'm trying really hard to pass in the first try.

I still have lots of pictures that I want to upload, especially Klan and Motoko, since I had a great shooting with Christoph Kellermann (www.christophkellermann.de.tf), a local hobby photographer. This is my favourite from the shooting, by the way. But right now I simply lack the time to update anything regularly or respond quickly to PMs and emails...

So, see you again after 10.09. when all is (hopefully successfully) over! :)
  • TAKA.F I'm wating untill your coming back as you finish all over. ^^/ 13 years ago
  • IzunaDrop247 Very nice Motoko! So pretty! 13 years ago
  • Kaoru27Umi you make an amazing Motoko!! ^^ 13 years ago