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kowaipanda seriously, look at my eye. I look like I use those circle lenses ^^; or I have a glass eye~
  • Zhenya Beautiful! Your eye patch is so pretty! *_* 11 years ago
  • shattered_song You make such a lovely maiden!! <3 she is my fave :) 11 years ago
  • Crystalike I love the eye patch and the hair ornaments! you look great at Bara, and the wig color is beautiful! 12 years ago
  • mimosa you look really good as Barashishou! very pretty. 12 years ago
  • Goldy-Japan Nise cosplay! 12 years ago
  • lilaznfreak omg thats true! But the eye patch is so awesome!! 12 years ago
  • +.-.uzuki.-.+ barasui---X3 i love ur eyes and ur eyepatch too--- 12 years ago