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R.Cutie So for Saboten-con I'm running a Dance Camp (specifically HareHare Yukai) soooooo in a fit of randomness I decided to actually dress up as Haruhi XD I hadn't intended to originally, but see what happens? Anyhoo Wig, Headband, Armband DONE! And way to much fun to make ^^;;; oh and the ribbon doesn't have a print. Silly camera XD

Edit - Okay...explanation of why the wig is black...As I said it was a fit of randomness to even dress up as Haruhi and I have a lot of duties at this convention being on staff as I am. The main purpose was to wear the headband and armband so those attending the dance camp will understand I am Haruhi (it makes the learning part easier...I've taught dance before). As I have butt length and longer hair I thought it might be a good idea to wear a shorter wig. What I owned was this black one. I decided to use it instead of ordering a brown one I may never use again ^^;;; I hope not too many people mind!

Next up the actual outfit from a random piece of art...
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