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Lethe it finally came, after two long months of waiting! i really love it though, it was well worth the wait. it's so soft and fluffy :D

now i dont have to worry about not having the right hair for my Yuna costumes. No more ghetto Yuna cosplay for me! lol ^_~
  • ladylolitas pretty!! 16 years ago
  • Captain Gundam wow i guess the wait was worth it. great costume as well as the wig. 16 years ago
  • Hiyoko-chan oo wow! you make a really pretty Yuna!!! XD 16 years ago
  • squall_samanosu Wow.. you look awesome. You're a very pretty Yuna :). God job ;). 16 years ago
  • xKasumix wow that wig is incredible!! * _ * Hope, my new one will come out as good as yours, too. :) 16 years ago
  • Alessa wow, you're such a pretty Yuna 16 years ago
  • Faith *__________________* very cool!!! 16 years ago
  • Hitokiri Kenshin Awww! Cute Yuna! 16 years ago