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from costume Sherry Birkin
Straywind One of my goals for the winter was to get some photos of my Edonia Sherry costume in the snow. We had a big snow storm here in Toronto in early February and my wonderful friend Stillvisions offered to brave the cold and take some photos of me. Love the results! I froze my way through this shoot. XD

Thanks also to my awesome friend Ammie for letting me commission my coat from her. It turned out so nicely! :D
  • Overbeck Great looking photo 8 years ago
  • ArgentumLuna23 Beautiful cosplay and great surroundings! 8 years ago
  • Albert-WeskerGR Great thought! It fits perfectly with the costume! ^_^ 8 years ago
  • StargazerGemini Hey I know you~ 8 years ago
  • The Letter Jay Amazing photos great to display your fantastic costume! Not to mention, you Pull Sherry off so well! 8 years ago