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from costume Jellyfish
  • llewell wonderful costume ! great job ! 9 years ago
  • FlashBlitzen This is very elegant. You are so very beautiful and confident. Your costumes are fantastic and creative as well. You really nail it! 9 years ago
  • TortureBunni I love the overall design of this. The idea of a jellyfish ballerina is really creative, and I like how elegant the tendrills on the skirt are. 9 years ago
  • Athel I love the originality of the design. ^^ Very creative. 10 years ago
  • Starshnbrght Exquisite! Love the idea. 10 years ago
  • maggietron Love it!! 10 years ago
  • KairiGalaga Wow! This is really incredible! Nice job! You do ballet I take it? :) 10 years ago