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kiwi_lady I hate you Gundam Seed Destiny OVA -_-

Cagalli : Ryu (Mariksgrl)

The kid in the back with the blue: Meee

Photo: Digiko Omi or Yeu xD;
but hearts to them BOTH _ !
  • rosabella It was ment to be!! It was ment to be!!! Don't listen to the OVA!!! 15 years ago
  • rosabella I was ment to be!! I was ment to be!!! Don't listen to the OVA!!! 15 years ago
  • Tifa_Lock Don't worry and just wait to see the new SEED series >_< · !! We know Athrun and Cagalli just LOVE each other ;D Oh, and in the OVA, their hug is so sweet... >///< · 16 years ago
  • Lodi How could I have missed this picture? It's gorgeous! Again, your poses and costumes rock so much! Great job, both of you! 16 years ago
  • Mew_Pudding I love this picturrrreeee~~~ You guys are so awesome x3! 16 years ago
  • Kairi G thats a fantastic shot, and your Athrun looks super, I hadnt seen this version yet :D It looks wonderful :D 16 years ago
  • Elsch Awesome costumes. ^^ 16 years ago
  • Chiko great shot ^^ you both look really cute 16 years ago
  • Mikazuki Akane This photo is just lovely! 16 years ago
  • mariksgrl Damn stupid Ova ...but thats ok I still love you athrun dear ~hearts~ 16 years ago
  • Maryslittlelamb aw this shot is so sweet, i love your costumes 16 years ago
  • Eilonnwy The setting of the picture is wonderful. Very nice. 16 years ago
  • kels so cute XD 16 years ago