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from costume Morinth
hmwsg x I finally finished this stupid costume! I had so many issues with the bodysuit, but it is done. The costume was well received, but I need to practice making my makeup more Morinth-like.

Headpiece by Satine
  • Lady Muramasa Wow, wth? Where have I been? Last I saw you were still figuring this suit out, ANNNNNNNND it came out fan f*ckingtastic! *whistles**whistles* *shifty eyes* Uh so did you ever "swap" Samara out for Morinth??? XD, I did...AND IT WAS FUN! *shifty eyes* 12 years ago
  • Sakara LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Morinth rocks and you do the character so well! 12 years ago
  • elion_augustus This looks amazing! The costume turned out fantastic! You are rockin' all those buckles. =} 12 years ago
  • hmwsg x Thank you everyone, holy crap ;A; 12 years ago
  • katringa Holy christ! This is cool as hell. Maybe my favourite costume of yours so far. Glad you didn't give up on the bodysuit, it looks GORGEOUS! 12 years ago
  • GluttonyLovesU effin epic!!!!!!!! love it 12 years ago
  • CreativeGuy Awesome! 12 years ago
  • BalthierFlare This is so cool! I love it. :D 12 years ago
  • Criana Oh wow!! You look fantastic! 12 years ago
  • RedSonya You are rockin it! HARD! 12 years ago