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from costume Ashera
Yueri Did you know that the number of hours you sleep affects your moral judgment? o.o
I was reading that (apparently old) article and was reminded of this picture.
This is the last picture of Ashera Im putting here, the rest are on my website! (http://negality.com).
This was the only picture that, when on the photoshoot, I was sure I wanted. I love that first impression she causes on the opening of the videogame. It really stuck in my head so much that I was looking forward strongly to meeting her character. And then this cosplay was born.
It was an action of love! *.*

Thanks for all of the nice (and bad) comments n.n

BTW everything is crooky!
  • Hamano Ayumi Beaaautiful~~~~ Despite the slight crookedness? :3 Love this picture~ 14 years ago
  • twins jenny te ves bien bonita mandigas fotos de toño que simpre le quedan chidas jaja oye ti mail a un no se lo e pedido a viki pero ya lo are despues to peluca esta bien hermosa T_T quiero una igual me la vendes jaja 14 years ago
  • Ryo_ Amazing emotions on the picture and great costume work. Excellent job, woman. 14 years ago
  • HaruVamp wonderful pic!! 14 years ago
  • FrozenNight Gorgeous! *_* 14 years ago
  • B-Shira Es una foto muy bella! 14 years ago
  • Fire Lily I really love this pic - the colors look wonderful! 14 years ago
  • fly_aguilera muy bueno! ^^* 14 years ago
  • Korinchan Very lovely photo. I really like your head piece. I looks very well done. 14 years ago