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from costume Rose

I almost cried about 3 times towards the end of this costume. Not because of problems with sewing (although there was that) but because I just got so emotional over having made this costume. Rose, as a character, means so much to me. I used to RP with her, I own her action figure, I've drooled over the few cosplays of her, I keep my Legend of Dragoon game in mint condition. She's just, so bad ass and awesome. I'm so happy to have made her and I couldn't be more proud. I have a feeling, I will be wearing this costume until the fabric finally dissolves on me.

I'm actually updating it a lot right now for ACen. I'll have an awesome sword for then too!

Now all that is left to make is the Dragoon Armor and the Black Monster outfit. Piece of cake...?

Photo by Gatsby
  • CreativeGuy So cool! 11 years ago
  • Dali-Lamb Seeing all the pictures of you in this--I'm totally amazed! You did a stellar job and you look AWESOME! You'll kick that armor out, no problem--good luck in staying sane! It'll be fabulous :D 11 years ago
  • Lady Saea Yaay! You make such an amazing Rose! I can't wait to see more shots, especially full length shots! ^_^ I love LoD and Rose as well and hope to make her dragoon armor one day. :) I also look forward to seeing you do her other versions. =) Again, so awesome! ^^ 11 years ago
  • EnigmaSphinx My god...I'm tearing up. Beautiful shot I'm just as much a LoD fangirl as you! Super jelly :P 11 years ago
  • Patastrophic All of my happiness. ALL OF IT! LoD fanboy joy is going off the charts for this. 11 years ago
  • Earthychan Amazing photo!! I cant wait to see more pictures! 11 years ago
  • carrousel simply amazing! it is so awesome to fulfill a cosplay dream, congrats! 11 years ago
  • robotnik976 Beautiful picture! :D 11 years ago