Rikku-chan's image
from costume Selphie Tilmitt
Rikku-chan yeeeesh my contacts look crazy bright in this shot! Grab some sunglasses!

Photo by White Desert Sun @ Ohayocon 2012
Costume made and worn by me!
Nunchucks were borrowed from a friend
  • Quita Kyaaaa~!! You make an awesome Selphie!! :D 9 years ago
  • Gummibar Really adorable, I love how bright the colors are. *o* The wig so natural too! 9 years ago
  • Katie-chan So freakin' cute. 9 years ago
  • Nicholas IX I forgot this character even existed. All the magic drawing in that game gave me amnesia 9 years ago
  • Panda Treats You make such an adorable Selphie! I adore your wig! 9 years ago
  • no-more-thread super cute 9 years ago
  • Yuurisans Haha, they're super bright *.* It looks pretty on you! 9 years ago